BlackBerry Surveillance Tracker - All Features (monitor up to 5 devices for a full year) - TrackWary PRO Complete

SKU: trackwary_pro
  • Best value - works out to only $16.50/month and the ability to install on multiple devices.
  • Listen in on phone calls and surroundings.
  • View all BlackBerry Messenger messages sent/received.
  • View all Photos/Videos taken with the device.
  • Location Tracking - Advanced Hybrid Location Tracking using GPS and/or cell tower based location tracking
  • Text Messaging - Track and report all text messages
  • Email Monitoring/Forwarding - All device emails (sent and received) are forwarded to a central email repository for online viewing in the TrackWary Center
  • Call Log Listener - all incoming/outgoing and conference calls are accessible online in the TrackWary Center
  • TrackWary Tracker will restart if terminated, and run automatically on device startup. Any phone with TrackWary tracker installed will have all activity monitored and reported until disabled in the TrackWary Center
  • Install on multiple BlackBerry devices. (up to 5 devices)
  • $299.00/Year
    Now $198.00/Year for a Limited time
Price: $198.00