FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I have installed on my BlackBerry and I do not see any data in reports?
A: Try the following
1) Reinstall the application from the TrackWary Center
2) Ensure all permissions are set to Allow! <- Very Important!
You can also try setting all default permissions to ALLOW before attempting the reinstall. Instructions to do this can be found here
3) Make a phonecall (e.g. call voicemail) - this will initiate the software to start sending data!
if it is still not working after doing 1,2&3 above:
4) Do the famous 'Battery Pull' (hard reset) which just means to remove and reinsert your battery, causing the device to restart View Battery Pull Instructions

Q: What are the minimum requirements
A: TrackWary will work on any BlackBerry running OS4.5 or greater. GPS is required for ultra-accurate tracking. If the device does not have GPS, location approximation using cell tower location will be used.

Q: Are some email providers better than others?
A: It makes no difference which email(s) are running on the BlackBerry device as any and all will get reported. But for your personal use in receiving reports (e.g. the forwarding email in the TrackWary Center) - verily some email providers are better than others - and since you may be getting many 100s of email reports from the surveilled device, we suggest using Gmail as this is by far the most reliable email system ever developed. Here you can get a free gmail account: Gmail Signup. Using gmail in your TrackWary center will ensure that all sent emails actually get delivered to you.

Q: GPS will sometimes show location very far away (ie another continent)
A: Click on the far away entry...if it is a geocell lookup=1, it is likely due to the fact that you are on a CDMA network and cell triangulation is not reliable. Enable GPS for this phone to avoid having to do the less accurate triangulation.

Q: GPS is not showing any data
A: To use the GPS feature the phone requires to be able to connect with GPS satellites so it needs to be in an area where it can pick up the GPS signal. When you are inside a building or the phone is in a pocket or purse it likely will fail to obtain a signal. The application is also designed not to send additional GPS data if the coordinates haven't changed.

GPS also needs to be enabled on the phone. You can check this from the page
Options->Advanced Options->GPS

Click here for more details.

Q: I am not receiving reports by email (I am using Hotmail)
A: Hotmail is a notoriously inferior email platform, so you may want to check your spam folders for report emails...hotmail will often miscategorize valid emails as spam (other times it will simply delete your email without telling you - this is often the case when emails come from report servers)
A more reliable email alternative may be in order if the above is happening.
You can try gmail/yahoo email or the email that comes with your ISP.
Here you can get a free gmail account: Gmail Signup

Q: I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay using my Credit Card?
A: Yes you can pay with your Credit Card instead of PayPal.

When you proceed to checkout you will be taken to PayPal Secured site. There you can either login with a PayPal account or using the link at the bottom....

"Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)."

you can proceed to pay with your Credit Card.

Q: Will you be mailing me a copy of my bill or will my Credit Card statement show a purchase of BlackBerry Tracking Software?
A: No. Billing is done completely online. Your Credit Card statement will only show a portion of the company name such as MOBILEZEN.

Q: Does the BlackBerry need a data plan?
A: The BlackBerry will need to have access to a mobile data plan or wifi to install/transmit data. Check with your carrier for data cost and options.

Q: I am logging into TrackWary Center on my PC computer and trying to install the software but it is not working.
A: You cannot install the TrackWary application from your PC computer. You must install it from a BlackBerry mobile phone with its installed web browser.