BlackBerry Network Tips

Luckily BlackBerrys do have some built in network troubleshooting tools.

If you are having trouble with initial phone registation with our servers or missing data for a long period of time you can try the following:

1) Go to Options->Mobile Network

Ensure that "Data Services" is set to ON
"While Roaming" is set to ON

2) From Options->Mobile Network
Click MENU->Diagnostics Test. Then Click MENU->Run
This diagnostics test will take about 60 seconds to run.
Make sure "Radio Data Activation" is Yes and that no errors occur.

After generating a report and you still are having problems, you can send the report using our contact form for further assistance.

3) From Options->Mobile Network
Click MENU ->Tools->Ping

For "Ping to:" field please enter "" without the quotes

Click MENU->Send Ping

If things are working fine you should see 4 ping attempts showing Success!

If not try changing the "ping to:" field to or and see if those fail as well.

If those are fine then there may be a firewall blocking our servers from being accessed over your network.
of you may have an unlocked device without APN setup! refer to this BlackBerry APN settings document

4) Ensure your phones firewall settings are disabled

Go to Options->Security Options->Firewall

And make sure no incoming messages are being blocked.