BlackBerry Default Permissions Tips

BlackBerry Default Permissions To help make installation of TrackWary even easier we would recommend setting the Default Permissions to all ALLOW.

This should be done before installing the application. It can be done very easily with the following steps.

1) Go to Options->Applications
For OS6.0 Torch: Options->Device->Application Management
2) Press Menu button then select "Edit Default Permissions"
3) Select "ALLOW" for all permissions
4) Press Menu button then SAVE.

If TrackWary is already installed and you are having problems with permissions we can also try the following:

1) From the "Edit Default Permissions" page set all permissions to "ALLOW"
2) Press Menu button then select "Apply Defaults to All"
3) Restart if prompted to do so.

At this point you can do a battery pull on the device and when the device restarts ensure that no permissions have reverted to 'custom' and everything will work fine.

And don't forget to disable the firewall if it has been enabled;